Friday Lunchtime Group - The Aspirational Leader Within (4 session program)



The Aspirational Leader Within program is for individuals who want to overcome internal conflict or challenges which when resolved can propel them to becoming aspiring leaders.

The program encourages you to look within and ask yourself questions about your own values and how they align with your leadership style. Because I host this program with a group, it is an enriching process filled with peer support, inspiration and growth.

I use powerful Master NLP techniques such as the Hero’s Journey and explore the Physiology of Leadership, so that you can decide what changes might be needed in your own professional practice.

The Aspirational Leader Within includes three 1 hour sessions and a single 1 and a half hour session across 4 group sessions. The program is aimed at professional women who are on a journey to achieve their highest potential. This program challenges how you think as a leader in connection with how you think about yourself.

The program costs £820. To ensure that sessions remain personable, the groups are limited to a maximum of 8 women.

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Session 1

Alphas, Beta’s and Omega’s – Together we look at social dynamics and hierarchies within social structures and groups. We use techniques to resolve conflict and explore the physiology of your leadership style using visualization techniques for those who want to change their leadership physiology.

Session 2

Highest Potential – We will then explore your values and the power of metaphors to create change. Complex or deep metaphors are stories with many levels of meaning. Metaphors speak directly to the unconscious mind and are an excellent way of communicating a message that you wish to get across.

Session 3

The Hero’s Journey – This is an opportunity to share with the group your journey on becoming all that you can be, it brings together aspects of what you have learned in the program about yourself and your aspirations. The Hero’s Journey starts in the world of the mundane and takes us through to the ultimate boon! It is a powerful exercise and helps bring clarity to your situation.

Session 4

We end the program with sharing vision boards which look to the future. Many people have created vision boards and keep them somewhere where they can regularly look at them. The unconscious mind is a vast warehouse of resources and information – all behavioural change has to occur unconsciously for change to become a reality.




If you are looking female life coaching based in London, then feel free to contact myself to arrange a complimentary 20-minute phone call at a suitable time.