1:1 Confidence to Elevate Program (6 session program)


The Confidence to Elevate Program is delivered across 6 sessions.

We can agree on how frequently you want to attend the sessions, but would suggest once a month so that you have time to put into practice some of the techniques used, which we can reflect on at the beginning of each session.

This is an investment that will cost £1,130 if you want to understand yourself better, free yourself from negative emotional chains and gain significant confidence.


Female Life Coach in London


Session 1&2

Breakthrough your own limitations - In our opening sessions we will address your anxieties, fears, self-doubts and internal conflicts; before ‘rewiring’ how your mind processes these barriers and changing how you think about them. We will use powerful Time Line Therapy to change unhelpful and negative emotions and behaviours attached to events in the past. These techniques are powerful but gentle and will give you an immediate sense of relief and freedom.

Session 3

Discover your True Passion- I use specialist techniques to help you uncover your true values and change your limiting beliefs. By challenging these limitations, you are able unlock your true potential and will no longer be afraid to align future decisions and career moves with what is truly important to you.

We then reveal your amazing transferable skills and practical abilities so you have a solid foundation to take you forward into the next exciting chapter of your life.

The result is an instant boost to your confidence.

Session 4

Crossing the Threshold- While many of us are motivated toward achieving our goals, for some of us we are actually motivated to run away from something in our past. Sometimes we place mental barriers in our path and use these as excuses to not achieve, what can at first appear to be barriers to your success however, can turn out to be the push you need to cross the threshold into the next exciting phase of your life!

Together, we will look at your motivational strategies and modify or replace faulty strategies with positive resourceful strategies that will catapult you into a confident, assured and wealthy position.

Session 5

The Results- This session is where we test and reaffirm your resourceful strategies that you will use in the ‘real world’ as you confidently step into the next phase of your career or move forward with your life as a new magnificent, confident version of you. You have become the master of your own destiny – now coming from a place of strength, inner knowing, confidence and ability.

Session 6

Vision for the Future- Here you create your own vision board. This is where you draw on your newly inspired ideas, hopes and dreams to create something that confirms back to you what you are achieving and what you will achieve.





If you are looking female life coaching based in London, then feel free to contact myself to arrange a complimentary 20-minute phone call at a suitable time.